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Cognitive Performance Enhancement for 

Esport Players

Dan Himmelstein

M.A. Sport and Performance Psychology  

I have dedicated my career to bettering the lives of esports players by training their emotional stability, confidence, growth mindset, ability to be mindful and to overcome adversity. In addition to mental skills training, I focus on leadership development, team cycles, communication training and a number of topics dedicated to improving cohesion and optimizing performance. I am available by contract or on a session by session basis.  Contact me at 


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Specialties Include:


Player Unknown Battle Ground

PUBG can be played as both a team esport and individual esport. Managing anxiety becomes an important skill in this last man standing game where mistakes are harshly penalized. As the game progresses tensions rise and players often panic in the late stage. It can also be a frustrating game. Looting can be timely, and it could all be for nothing in the first fire fight. Managing emotions is key to sustaining the long tournaments professional players are encountering. 

Mental skills to focus on:
- Anxiety Management

- Team Cohesion
- Emotional regulation


League of Legends

League of Legends


League of Legends is a team game that requires utilizing skills such as attentional control, emotional regulation, and cue utilization. Due to the nature of the game, an extended focus is required because a single game can last for an hour or more. Precise mechanical skill, a strong sense of teamwork, and an ability to perform under pressure will be necessary to succeed.

Mental skills to focus on:
- Monitor and utilize different mindsets
- Emotional Regulation
- Energy/Activation Management 





Overwatch is a fast-paced, complex team game that requires a strong understanding of the heroes (characters) and their roles, an ability to perform in a particular role, and a team that communicates and executes as a unit. Overwatch, an objective based game means that strategy must be refined through deliberate practice and utilized under pressure in order to perform well and succeed. The ability to play through mistakes and regulate emotions throughout a competition is essential. 


Mental skills to focus on:
- Building Team Cohesion
- Playing forward
- Emotional regulation 

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CS:GO is a team game that requires extreme focus, precise mechanical skill, and an ability to coordinate as a unit in order to succeed. Teams will have to develop strategy, communicate effectively, and perform consistently in order to climb the ranks and beat the best.


Mental skills to focus on:
- Communication
- Building Team Cohesion
- Confidence under pressure



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